Netflix is Bringing Zombies to the Kingdom…

You’ve probably heard by now, but Netflix has released it’s first trailer for it’s upcoming action-horror series from South Korea, KINGDOM.

Check out the trailer below.

In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious plague spreads to turn the infected into monsters. The crown prince, framed for treason and desperate to save his people, sets out on a journey to unveil what evil lurks in the dark.

Set in the country’s medieval epoch known as the Joseon period, the show was written by Kim Eun-hee, based on his webcomic, Land of the Gods. Eun-hee, a prolific screenwriter and playwright, is also known for the critically acclaimed Korean police drama Signal. Kim Seong-hun (writer/director of The Tunnel) handled directorial duties for the first season.

Personally I think this looks awesome! My only worry when it comes to genre cinema from Korea, after a great lead in of the chosen genre… it always ends up being SUPER soap-operay… so we’ll definitely see how it all plays out. But I’m definitely hopeful.

KINGDOM hits Netflix on January 25th. Are you ready?