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So SUICIDE SQUAD opens this weekend, and I have to say, saying this movie is highly anticipated is an understatement. Warner Bros. definitely has NOT had a strong track record with DC movies, especially since the success of MARVEL’s AVENGERS. It does seem like Warner Bros. has been playing catch up ever since. And after Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN movies, it seems like their DC movies have been miss, after miss, after miss.

But then SUICIDE SQUAD had been green lit. And though I can’t speak for everyone else, for me? I have been SO LOOKING FORWARD to this movie. Not to make comparisons to MARVEL, but I kind of looked at it as their GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Something that could sit outside of the main mythology, and something the studio, cast and crew could have fun with, and hopefully would translate into a solid movie.

Now production news, like the reshoots that were reportedly ordered to add more “comedy”, and the early reviews that stated it was worse than BATMAN v SUPERMAN, definitely left me a little dishearten to go see this.

But make up your own mind, right?

Now I will say, before you get into the main review, I will warn you I MIGHT get into SPOILER territory. Not intentionally, but it might happen. So if you don’t want to risk that, here’s a quick blurb I gave a friend when he asked what I thought…

…it DEFINITELY had it’s issues. But don’t think it was as bad as a lot of the summarized responses you’ve might’ve seen online. But yea, definitely had it’s issues as a movie. But I did enjoy it WAY more than BATMAN v SUPERMAN, and I didn’t feel like I wasted my time.

But if you want me to build on that? Check out the review after the jump. Continue reading REVIEW: SUICIDE SQUAD