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OG Bots in the New ‘BUMBLEBEE’ Trailer!

So the live-action TRANSFORMERS movies have been less than stellar… and they just seem to get worse and worse with each installment. And honestly, with not holding my breath on BUMBLEBEE either. That feeling just seems more warranted with Paramount removing the 7th TRANSFORMERS movie from their calendar (BUMBLEBEE being the 6th)… starting to think the studio is realizing the movies suck too.

BUT then comes the new trailer for BUMBLEBEE, and with it, OG TRANSFORMERS! Check out the trailer below.  Continue reading OG Bots in the New ‘BUMBLEBEE’ Trailer!


So, I kinda feel like the TRANSFORMERS movies have gotten progressively worse with each one. BUT Paramount keeps putting ’em out. And now we’ve all heard that THE FIRST KNIGHT might involve time travel, King Arthur, Hitler… sounds like a hot mess, right?

Well, Paramount has released the first teaser for THE FIRST KNIGHT, and it’s definitely a true to form Bay movie. Bright colors, and big ass explosions.

Check out the teaser below… Continue reading First Teaser for: ‘TRANSFORMERS: THE FIRST KNIGHT’