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TNT Has Made a Full Season Order of ‘Snowpiercer’

Last year we heard that a TV series was being developed based on Joon-Ho Bong’s fantastic film, SNOWPIERCER. Back then, no real details were available about the plot or cast for the series. But for me?  I was a little confused as how this would work.

Immediately my brain went to a continuation or build up of the movie? Whether it was a follow-up after the crash, or a series that led up to the evacuation on the train, or even carving out a narrative on the train before the rebellion that happened in the movie… but either scenario I could think just ended up being a very finite idea. And I couldn’t imagine how they would build a lasting series from it.

Well, looks like we got a little light on that topic from SyFy Wire.

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‘Snowpiercer’ the Series?

So EW is reporting that TNT has made a pilot order for a TV version of the sci-fi movie SNOWPIERCER.

Those of you not familiar with the movie? Well, one, GO WATCH IT! Because it’s AMAZING! I’m pretty sure it’s still available to stream on Netflix, so really, no reason not to. I mean, unless you hate gritty, thought-provoking sci-fi? But it is really an amazing movie, and definitely worth your time!

BUT the movie itself revolves around this concept of class-warfare on a futuristic train, where all of humanity is housed after the world had frozen over.

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