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Well, whether you’ve been looking forward to it or not, Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS hit Netflix yesterday. Been keeping away from what other reviewers have been saying. But, like mentioned, the whole looking forward to this or not, cause I know the Marvel/Netflix shows, as a whole, have been met with mixed reviews.

But personally? I’ve loved every installment. And THE DEFENDERS has been no exception to that.  Continue reading REVIEW: ‘THE DEFENDERS’

Nice Little ‘DEFENDERS’ Spot From Korea

More and more Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS seems to be in the news, and why wouldn’t it? Cause it looks AWESOME! But my bias aside, came across a fun a little spot for the show out of Korea that I thought you’d enjoy.

Features Stan Lee narrating throughout, with a little surprise at the end. We’ll see if that plays a part in the show.

Check out the spot after the jump! Continue reading Nice Little ‘DEFENDERS’ Spot From Korea

First Trailer for MARVEL’s ‘THE DEFENDERS’!

Despite critic and fan backlash on THE IRON FIST, I’ve loved every incarnation MARVEL has brought of their characters to NETFLIX… ABC? Not so much… but we’ll see what INHUMANS brings.

BUT speaking of MARVEL and NETFLIX, they’ve released the first trailer for their NETFLIX properties team-up show, THE DEFENDERS.

Check it out below!
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