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Creating Lando’s Falcon…

So it’s no secret that SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY was a miss for Lucasfilm, and not a win with fans and critics. But however you felt about the movie, the visual effects studio, Industrial Light and Magic, put out a video giving fans some insight how they took the Falcon we know and love, and created the Falcon Han stole from Lando.

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Some New Details on that STAR WARS TV Show!

We’ve been teased with a STAR WARS TV show long before Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Ultimately ending with Rick McCallum stating that it would be too expensive to make. Recently we got some exciting news that fan favorite director, Jon Favreau, would be spearheading a series for Lucasfilm.

Well kids, we got some news on the forthcoming show!

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Rain Johnson to Develop a New Trilogy of ‘STAR WARS’ Movies!

Here’s hoping you love THE LAST JEDI, because it sounds like it’s director, Rain Johnson, will be developing a new trilogy of STAR WARS movies! The news was recently confirmed on a conference call in which Disney CEO, Bob Iger, was discussing Disney’s 2017 fiscal year.

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Yes, director, Rian Johnson, warned fans if you wanted to go in cold for THE LAST JEDI, DON’T watch the trailer that was released last night. But let’s be honest, whose Force was strong enough to resist it? Haha. And if you were? You’re a stronger Jedi than me to be sure!

BUT if you haven’t seen it. If you’re resisting, but the will is losing… CHECK OUT THE TRAILER BELOW! IT’S SO GOOD! (I know, I’m a horrible person, haha.) Continue reading GAH! TRAILER FOR ‘THE LAST JEDI’!!!