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So I just made a post about the latest trailer for BUMBLEBEE, specifically how the TRANSFORMERS movies have definitely been less than stellar. And you can definitely say the same thing about the X-MEN movies.

The series as a whole, and I do include the Wolverine movies in that, have been hit or miss. And for me, definitely more “miss” than “hit”. I couldn’t even make it through the first 3rd of APOCALYPSE… and I feel like I’ve sat through some pretty awful movies… So when DARK PHOENIX was announced, all I could think was, “WHY! WHY! JUST GIVE THEM BACK TO MARVEL!!!!” …though, I guess that last part is actually happening. Haha.

But safe to say, really didn’t care about another X-MEN movie under that FOX guard. Then I saw the trailer… AND IT LOOKS SO GOOD! Check it out below. Continue reading Trailer: ‘DARK PHOENIX’


Okay, I think it’s fair to say that the X-MEN movies from 20th Century Fox have definitely been hit or miss. With the main X movies, things definitely went downhill with X-MEN 3 (fucking Brett Ratner). But things definitely got new vigor with FIRST CLASS. But sadly, Matthew Vaughn didn’t come back for DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. And as you know, Bryan Singer was back at the helm, and the great costumes Matt introduced were out, and we were back to the black leather… and with APOCALYPSE, man, I can’t even comment on that… I couldn’t make it past the first act of that shit storm.

But even though we have a new director for DARK PHOENIX, looks like we got some new costumes too!

Check it out below!

Continue reading ‘DARK PHOENIX’ Set-Pic!

‘Sleepy Hollow’ has Been Cancelled.

This really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but Variety has reported that the supernatural drama has been cancelled. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise as this show has gotten progressively worse since it’s GREAT first season. And had REALLY gotten worse since they killed Abby Mills for a SECOND TIME.

Which boggles my mind how the show hit this point. I mean, I don’t think anyone could argue the first season was really fun TV. And you could even make the argument that through those first season stories, they implied that they had a plan for a 7 season run. So how the show hit the suck bucket is mind boggling.

Granted I don’t know what went on behind the scenes for the show. But if you’re storylines get less and less engaging, then you kill one of the leads, twice… a lead whose character provides a great balance for the other… the show was definitely mishandled since season 1’s end.

As unfortunate as the history of the show has been, it’s good to put this one out of it’s misery. But it’s freshman season will always be one I enjoyed.

Source: Variety