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The Critics are Wrong, ‘HELLBOY’ is a Ton of Fun!

Without a doubt, everything leading up HELLBOY’s release has been divisive among fans and critics alike. From the first photo released of David Harbour as the title character, to the Right Hand of Doom more metallic than stone, to reception to the first trailer & every one to follow. Continue reading The Critics are Wrong, ‘HELLBOY’ is a Ton of Fun!


You know, it’s weird, being a child of the 80s, I feel like toys these days don’t measure up to those I grew up with. Be paint jobs, articulation, you name it.

But that’s a dangerous slope.

Also felt that way about cartoons for awhile. Like when the first X-MEN cartoon hit in the 90s, I was all, “THIS ANIMATION SUCKS! G.I. JOE AND TRANSFORMERS WAS SO MUCH BETTER!” Then of course, I caught an episode or two of those shows by happenstance… yea, definitely wasn’t what I remembered. Haha.

But even still, if my memory of toys I grew up is jaded, toys today still don’t measure up from toys from overseas. Until now! Continue reading BEHOLD the Greatest TRANSFORMERS Toy

New Trailer for ‘DARK PHOENIX’

I gotta say, I don’t know how I feel about DARK PHOENIX. I mean, the X-MEN movies have definitely been hit and miss, none moreso a miss than X-MEN APOCALYPSE. I mean, I could’ve even finish that last one it was so bad!

But with each trailer for DARK PHOENIX, I get cautiously hopeful. And with that, we got a new trailer for DARK PHOENIX. Check it out below! Continue reading New Trailer for ‘DARK PHOENIX’

The Upcoming ‘AVATAR’ Sequels are Set to be Stand-Alone Movies

So it’s definitely been awhile since AVATAR was released, and despite it’s success, and Jame Cameron’s overtures of, “the technology isn’t ready for the sequels”, he’s definitely missed the boat to keep the hype going after it’s success. But since the first movie, promises of the sequel has grown to 4 upcoming movies.

But sounds like we got a little more news of what they might entail.  Continue reading The Upcoming ‘AVATAR’ Sequels are Set to be Stand-Alone Movies