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Joss Whedon Gives a Tribute to Edgar Wright


So it’s no secret that Edgar Wright has left production of MARVEL’s Ant-Man. Which really sucks, fandom aside, just knowing how much time the director had put into the script… it could be said it had been a labor of love for him.

So whatever the reason was, you know the man did not make the decision lightly.

But all that aside. In a move that can only make a geek smile, MARVEL sage Joss Whedon a shout out to the director. See it after the jump.

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And the First Shot has Been Fired!



Well it’s no secret that Warner Bros. moved the release date of Batman vs. Superman, the sequel to Man of Steel, to the same weekend in 2016. Well, as part of the press tour for Captain America: Winter Soldier, the cast was asked what they thought about the move, and the response is pretty hilarious.