TRAILER: Delivery Man

So when the teaser for this movie first hit, didn’t give very much to get me excited for it. But looks like Dreamworks has released the first full trailer for Delivery Man, and it looks like a movie with a lot of heart to it, and if you know me, sucker for those movies.

So for your enjoyment, I give you the trailer to Delivery Man. Opens on Thanksgiving!


Trailer for an indie pic, PASSION, starring Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams. Honestly, this looks like a movie that missed it’s window. Like it’s one that should’ve came out when all those erotica films back in the ’90s were coming out to try and cash in on the splash BASIC INSTINCT made… But I might be wrong.

In anycase, here’s the trailer!

The 12th Doctor has a Message for the Fans…

As pretty much all of you know, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who, with the annual Christmas episode being his last outing. And this personally breaks my heart, as even though I came into Who late, towards the tail end of David Tennant’s run, Matt Smith’s take on the Doctor has been spectacular! And it’s going to be hard to imagine the role without him behind it…

BUT I’m getting off track. Matt Smith has a message for you as he says goodbye, and even moreso, thank you.

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