GOTHAM Coming to FOX


Well, while we wait for Batman to come back in the next Man of Steel movie, looks like FOX is gonna keep us hungry for that world with a direct-to-series order for Gotham.

Reportedly this will be more of a prequel to the whole Batman mythology, focusing on the city, and specifically everyone’s favorite cop, Jim Gordan. So don’t expect Bats to show up anytime soon in the series. But still, this sounds pretty awesome.

No word yet as to when it will premiere.



So everyone’s favorite Furyan is back in action. And what’s the overall take on RIDDICK?


Don’t get me wrong, the movie was fun as hell. But sadly, more than anything, it felt like a remake of Pitch Black. Seriously, break it down from the trailer: stranded on a desolate planet, people hate Riddick, Bounty Hunters, and creepy ass monsters that really seem to business only at night… I mean it doesn’t give you anything new. Continue reading REVIEW: RIDDICK

The Film Gult


So how many comic fans are there out there? Some of you might be old enough to remember back in the late ‘80’s, early ‘90’s the comic industry went through, what is now referred to as, THE GULT! [que INCEPTION, “BARWAG”]

All started with the first incarnation of Valiant Comics, when they did a really fun redemption program for #0 issues. A promotion really unheard of at the time, and I think they were the first one to do #0 issues too. But what happened? The after market on these comics BLEW UP!  Going for insane amounts of dollars.

Safe to say all of the other publishers, including Marvel and DC, took notice. Somehow, from there, this idea of special issues transmorgafied into these gimmick covers. And before you knew it, you were getting this influx of “special” editions. Featuring chromium, prism, hologram, you name the sparkly cover… all carrying a premium cover price, but no added story or content benefit to the reader.

Next thing you know, the comic book industry as a whole hit an all time low. It was a dark time. And the GULT had taken hold.

Slowly but surly comics came out of it. Putting more value on story then some variant cover. And before you knew it, comics became a varied wealth of strong stories.

Why do I mention this? It kind of feels like the Film Industry is head in it’s own little version of the GULT right now. Continue reading The Film Gult

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