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Okay, with 2 THOR films out, as a franchise I could take it or leave it. I mean the first THOR was a great introduction to the character into the MCU. But DARK WORLD? Yea, I could do without that one. So I definitely didn’t know if I was excited for a 3rd movie.

Then the teaser was released today. And HOLY COW, SO GOOD!

Check it out below!


Last ‘LOGAN’ Trailer! And it’s Crazy AF!

I realize I’m a day behind, and chances are you’ve already seen it, but FOX debuted the final trailer for LOGAN, and IT’S CRAZY AS FUCK!

OH! And if you haven’t seen the trailer, those of you who’ve been wanting Wolverine’s yellow & blue costume in the movies? Yea, it makes a little cameo.

Check it out below!
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REVIEW: Quick and Dirty Review of ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’

Honestly, I debated writing a review for DOCTOR STRANGE, cause let’s be honest, MARVEL is pretty much just printing money at the box-office these days. So no matter what people write, chances are, you’re gonna see it. Cause, well, it’s MARVEL, and you’re curious.

Hey, no shame in the game.

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Review: ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Now let’s be honest, you know you’re gonna see this movie no matter what I write. I mean, they could remake HOWARD THE DUCK, and we’d probably go see it. You know it’s true. Haha. But let me tell you, you’re not gonna be disappointed with CIVIL WAR. 😉

One of the things I love about this movie, even if you’ve read the storyline in the comics to which this film is based, you’re still gonna get something new. But that was gonna be inevitable. I mean, there’s not enough superheroes in the MCU to have something like the Superhero Registration Act. So the film incarnation is definitely a reimagining of the storyline, not a direct adaptation. Which honestly, I love.

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