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So THE WIL WHEATON PROJECT premiered on  SyFy last night… and it was just, okay. I mean, I liked the format. Though itself, nothing new. A format we’ve seen for years on E! and, shall it rest in peace, G4. Comedic commentary on events in particular niche over the last week, usually set against a greenscreened set.

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REVIEW: ‘The Colony’, SKIP IT!!!


I gotta say, I was hopeful for this movie. I mean, I’ve been needing me some solid sci-fi/horror for a LONG TIME. I think the last sci-fi/horror film that scared the crap out of me was Event Horizon, funnilly enough, also starring Laurence Fishburne, who stars here as well. So when I started seeing spots for this movie, I was getting more and more excited. Post-apocalyptic horror goodness. All starring my man Fishburne…

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So everyone’s favorite Furyan is back in action. And what’s the overall take on RIDDICK?


Don’t get me wrong, the movie was fun as hell. But sadly, more than anything, it felt like a remake of Pitch Black. Seriously, break it down from the trailer: stranded on a desolate planet, people hate Riddick, Bounty Hunters, and creepy ass monsters that really seem to business only at night… I mean it doesn’t give you anything new. Continue reading REVIEW: RIDDICK



So before seeing this movie, I always make the mistake of poking in other reviews of movies I’m interested. This one being no exception, and the reviews had been 50/50. But the opinion of this movie-going fanatic, Elysium was FANTASTIC! If you enjoyed director, Neil Blomkamp’s last movie, District-9, I really think you’ll have a hard time not enjoying this film.

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