The trailer is live for Edge of Tomorrow, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that it is! I remember hearing about this movie forever and a day ago, back when it was called, All You Need is Kill (the title of the Japanese novel of which the movie is based), and that first leak was nothing more than Tom Cruise in a mysterious mech suit.

Since then more details have been released, and Tom Cruise, playing green recruit, Lt. Col. Bill Cage, is fighting in the last day of a war with aliens, but when he dies, wakes up to relive the day over and over again. Emily Blunt plays a hardcore soldier who is experiencing the same effect, and begins to train him as they march towards winning the war, and jumping out of the time loop they find themselves in.

Despite any Groundhog Day comparisons a person can make… I mean, they can try, this sounds awesome. And seeing the teaser trailer, I am just THAT more excited for this to come out!

Definitely looking forward to reaching the Edge of Tomorrow. I hope you are too!

Check out the trailer below!

Christopher Nolan Rigs a IMAX Camera to a LEER Jet?!!


Heh, it’s funny, as mind-boggling as this might be, I think it’s would be even funnier if Christopher Nolan DIDN’T shoot any percentage of his next movie, Interstellar, in IMAX. BUT YES, you read that headline right, the accomplished director mounted a IMAX camera to a jet, for, only Lord knows, what kind of sequence or sequences… But I’ll tell you this much, I personally can not wait.





It’s been a long time since I’ve been a regular viewer of FOX’s Family Guy. But much to my surprise, my Social Media Feeds have been a buzz with the news that Brian the dog died on last Sunday’s episode.

That’s right boys and girls, one of the best characters of the show was hit by a car and passed on. And for your consideration, that fateful moment…

COD: Ghosts Trailer…


So apparently the internet has been a buzz with the trailer for the next Call of Duty game dubbed, Ghosts. Honestly, not sure why. Yea, it’s a fun sequence. But it doesn’t show you anything about the game?

Is it just me? Or you should show the product you’re marketing? I don’t know. Oh, and Megan Fox makes a cameo (you can play as a female character in multi-player… actually surprised it took them this long to implement that…).

But yea, ultimately, fun commercial, check it out!

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