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Check out this official pic from director, Bryan Singer’s, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the fan-favorite, time-travelling storyarc from the comics. Clearly in this pic, we’re in the ’70s, with a de-BEAST-ified Hank McCoy, Hippy Professor X, and everyone’s favorite mutant, Wolverine.

One could only speculate what’s happening. But however this shakes out? I personally can’t wait. With Singer having produced First Class, and one could only assume has input on The Wolverine, both in the story and post-credits scene… Feels like Singer is trying to fix the ship Brett Ratner broke, and thank god.



So before seeing this movie, I always make the mistake of poking in other reviews of movies I’m interested. This one being no exception, and the reviews had been 50/50. But the opinion of this movie-going fanatic, Elysium was FANTASTIC! If you enjoyed director, Neil Blomkamp’s last movie, District-9, I really think you’ll have a hard time not enjoying this film.

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TRAILER: Back to Basics with RIDDICK!


Okay we all know the sequel to PITCH BLACK, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, was a big budget shit-box. But looks like Vin Diesel wants to do right by the fans, and give them a movie as awesome as the original. Doing everything, including taking a paycut, to make RIDDICK. And honestly, it looks like it’s paying off.

Check out the latest trailer after the jump, which looks like it’s back to PITCH BLACK basics with RIDDICK!

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