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FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot May Take a New Take on Origin?

Fantastic-Four-Terry-DodsonSo it’s no secret with Disney’s purchase of MARVEL, and MARVEL themselves producing a pretty solid and entertaining movie universe, other studios are holding on to their MARVEL film rights with the strongest of death-grips.
A lot of times with these deals, if you don’t make another film with-in a certain amount of time, the rights revert back to the owner. Next up in the death-grip hold? FOX is prepping a reboot of their FANTASTIC FOUR film franchise. Sure that’s no secret, but director Josh Trank’s take on the whole thing may completely rewrite the origin story of the fantastic family. And this has quite a fanboys in a uproar.

As far as I’m concerned, to the hard-core fans, get over it.

Let’s remember, the origin of the Fantastic family is campy as hell. Let’s think about it: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a brother, and a best friend go into space only to get hit with cosmic rays, and get superpowers.

That shit is campy, sure may have worked in the ’60s, and even though FOX tried to keep true to it by trying to modernize it with their first attempt… I think we all can pretty much agree it didn’t work.

So, let’s get over it. Sure, at least for me, FOX doesn’t have my confidence with comic movies… especially with MARVEL titles. Bryan Singer “X” movies not withstanding. But I can definitely appreciate needing to rethink how to approach a film. So I am personally intrigued to see where this goes if reports ring true about the change.

How about you?

Greenband Trailer for: 22 JUMPSTREET!


Holy geez, when 21 JUMPSTREET came out I really didn’t know what to expect. But it quickly became my FAVORITE comedy that year! I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed that hard!

Well, Sony/Columbia has released the greenband trailer to the highly anticipated sequel, 22 JUMPSTREET! And honestly it looks just as funny, if not funnier, than the original.

This is marked to hit theatres June 13, 2014. You stoked?


SANDMAN, STUDIO GHIBLI, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt…


Seriously, everyone loves Joseph Gordon-Levitt, even if you don’t want to admit, you know you do. Well, here’s a double dose of news involving Joseph Gordon-Levitt for you. First he’s involved to help writer David Goyer’s pitch to bring Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to the big screen.

Since to rumors, confirmation has now been made as to what he’ll be doing on the adaptation. Deadline reports Gordon-Levitt is finalizing a deal to produce the film and also attached him to the project as the lead. In addition, the actor also hopes to turn the project into his sophomore directing effort, but that sounds like a less certain part of the deal.

But there’s more for you fanboy!

We know that Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, is coming to America on February 21st, but no word had been made as to who would provide the dubbed voices for the foreign animated film. USA Today has revealed that Gordon-Levitt will lead the cast as Jiro Horikoshi, a talented engineer who spends his life building planes, only to realize he can’t fix everything. He will be joined by his Looper co-star Emily Blunt along with her husband John Krasinski (“The Office”) and John Krasinski and Martin Short, Stanley Tucci, Mandy Patinkin, William H. Macy, Mae Whitman, Jennifer Grey, Darren Criss, Elijah Wood, Ronan Farrow and, wait for it, Werner Herzog.

Not a bad cast for the dubbed version at all.



The trailer is live for Edge of Tomorrow, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that it is! I remember hearing about this movie forever and a day ago, back when it was called, All You Need is Kill (the title of the Japanese novel of which the movie is based), and that first leak was nothing more than Tom Cruise in a mysterious mech suit.

Since then more details have been released, and Tom Cruise, playing green recruit, Lt. Col. Bill Cage, is fighting in the last day of a war with aliens, but when he dies, wakes up to relive the day over and over again. Emily Blunt plays a hardcore soldier who is experiencing the same effect, and begins to train him as they march towards winning the war, and jumping out of the time loop they find themselves in.

Despite any Groundhog Day comparisons a person can make… I mean, they can try, this sounds awesome. And seeing the teaser trailer, I am just THAT more excited for this to come out!

Definitely looking forward to reaching the Edge of Tomorrow. I hope you are too!

Check out the trailer below!

Christopher Nolan Rigs a IMAX Camera to a LEER Jet?!!


Heh, it’s funny, as mind-boggling as this might be, I think it’s would be even funnier if Christopher Nolan DIDN’T shoot any percentage of his next movie, Interstellar, in IMAX. BUT YES, you read that headline right, the accomplished director mounted a IMAX camera to a jet, for, only Lord knows, what kind of sequence or sequences… But I’ll tell you this much, I personally can not wait.





The IMAX poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has just been released, and it’s pretty badass. Looking at you, you can kind of make the argument the designer was inspired by the work of Kris Kuksi, and I have to say, it really works here.

I just wish, instead of an illustration/photo composite, they actually went with a sculpture in the vein of the inspiring artist. Or at the very least, some high-end 3D modeling to better give the feeling Kuksi’s work gives off.

But definitely check it out!