So it’s no secret by now that Japan has a live-action movie of the beloved manga, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, coming. And I couldn’t be more excited! Well, maybe a little worried… but definitely more excited than worried! Haha.

Why am I worried? Well, as much as I love genre movies from Japan, they always have like a B-movie quality to them, which is kind of one of the reasons why I LOVE them. But I LOVE FULLMETAL MORE! And I really want this to have a higher production quality to it! But if the trailer is any indication, looks like I’m not gonna have too much reason to worry.

Check it out below.


Who Doesn’t Love Seeing Celebs Throwdown?!

So BBC Radio 1 has a great little show called, PLAYGROUND INSULTS. The premise is simple, celebrities go head to head and throw, well, playground insults at each other to make one another laugh. And 9 times out of 10, PURE GOLD!

The latest? Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt stopped in while on their press tour for PASSENGERS. Now, early reviews for PASSENGERS may not be great, but their PLAYGROUND INSULTS are hilarious!

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So, I kinda feel like the TRANSFORMERS movies have gotten progressively worse with each one. BUT Paramount keeps putting ’em out. And now we’ve all heard that THE FIRST KNIGHT might involve time travel, King Arthur, Hitler… sounds like a hot mess, right?

Well, Paramount has released the first teaser for THE FIRST KNIGHT, and it’s definitely a true to form Bay movie. Bright colors, and big ass explosions.

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