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‘WIZARD OF OZ’ Reimagined… Again. Enter, ‘Emerald City’.

This seemingly came out of nowhere, but a trailer has been making the rounds for a new show on NBC called, EMERALD CITY. Which is essentially another reimagining of THE WIZARD OF OZ. In this iteration, it’s definitely getting a little darker, a little sexier, and definitely screams GAME OF THRONES to me.

But check out the trailer and see for yourself! Continue reading ‘WIZARD OF OZ’ Reimagined… Again. Enter, ‘Emerald City’.

‘Snowpiercer’ the Series?

So EW is reporting that TNT has made a pilot order for a TV version of the sci-fi movie SNOWPIERCER.

Those of you not familiar with the movie? Well, one, GO WATCH IT! Because it’s AMAZING! I’m pretty sure it’s still available to stream on Netflix, so really, no reason not to. I mean, unless you hate gritty, thought-provoking sci-fi? But it is really an amazing movie, and definitely worth your time!

BUT the movie itself revolves around this concept of class-warfare on a futuristic train, where all of humanity is housed after the world had frozen over.

BUT the TV series! Continue reading ‘Snowpiercer’ the Series?