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So I might’ve just peed myself a little. I’ve been a huge fan of Luc Besson, ever since THE PROFESSIONAL (or LEON if you prefer). Though LUCY was a little bit of a miss for me, when news of VALERIAN broke, SO EXCITED!!!

I wasn’t able to get into the panel at Comic-Con, so I have definitely been awaiting footage from this movie. And now that it’s here, let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint!

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REVIEW: Quick and Dirty Review of ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’

Honestly, I debated writing a review for DOCTOR STRANGE, cause let’s be honest, MARVEL is pretty much just printing money at the box-office these days. So no matter what people write, chances are, you’re gonna see it. Cause, well, it’s MARVEL, and you’re curious.

Hey, no shame in the game.

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Want to Visit the Future in ‘BLADE RUNNER 2’?

Have you ever wanted to meet Harrison Ford, or Ryan Gosling? Maybe just hit up Budapest? You just love sci-fi? Or you just wanted to drive Ryan Gosling’s golf cart?

Well now’s your chance!

The actors have teamed up with OMAZE to raffle off a chance for you and a friend to travel to Budapest, where BLADE RUNNER 2 is currently filming, and see the sci-fi magic happen!

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