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TRAILER: Back to Basics with RIDDICK!


Okay we all know the sequel to PITCH BLACK, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, was a big budget shit-box. But looks like Vin Diesel wants to do right by the fans, and give them a movie as awesome as the original. Doing everything, including taking a paycut, to make RIDDICK. And honestly, it looks like it’s paying off.

Check out the latest trailer after the jump, which looks like it’s back to PITCH BLACK basics with RIDDICK!

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Zachery Levi has made his Broadway debut with FIRST DATE. Only problem? Next week  he’ll be at COMIC-CON supporting his Nerd Machine efforts that support Operation Smile. What to do? Step in understudy, Eric Ankrim, and make a rap video promoting the show and situation!

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LEGO Movie?


So I am perhaps the only one who didn’t know there was a movie coming out animated with LEGOS! Okay, I admit, the notion of a “LEGO” movie sounds dumb as hell. But the trailer is pretty hilarious, and fun as hell.

Check out the trailer over at the Apple site.

TRAILER: Delivery Man

So when the teaser for this movie first hit, didn’t give very much to get me excited for it. But looks like Dreamworks has released the first full trailer for Delivery Man, and it looks like a movie with a lot of heart to it, and if you know me, sucker for those movies.

So for your enjoyment, I give you the trailer to Delivery Man. Opens on Thanksgiving!