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I Do Love Alamo Drafthouse’s PSAs…

If you’ve never been to an Alamo Drafthouse, I do recommend it. Outside of a great movie/dining experience, they have a “no talk or text” policy. One in which, after one warning, you get kicked-out without a refund.

With that policy comes some great PSAs. The latest comes from Nick Offerman, currently starring in HEARTS BEAT LOUD. Check it out below!

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‘iZombie’ Renewed, But With a Catch…

I’m sure pop fans all over have been keeping an eye on TV Upfronts for the last few weeks, waiting in anticipation to see if their favorite shows survived the bloodbath. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE get cancelled (then picked up at NBC, YAY!), LUCIFER getting cancelled, and so many more getting the ax… it was anyone’s guess who would survive.

One show I’ve been keeping an eye out on has been iZOMBIE. Thankfully, it’s been renewed for a 5th season! Sadly, it will be it’s last. But honestly, it’s probably for the best.

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Some New Details on that STAR WARS TV Show!

We’ve been teased with a STAR WARS TV show long before Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Ultimately ending with Rick McCallum stating that it would be too expensive to make. Recently we got some exciting news that fan favorite director, Jon Favreau, would be spearheading a series for Lucasfilm.

Well kids, we got some news on the forthcoming show!

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‘JESSICA JONES’ Renewed for Season 3!

I don’t think it should come as any surprise, but looks like JESSICA JONES has been renewed for a third season on Netflix, and I couldn’t be more excited! I do love this show.

The only thing I am not looking forward to? Exploration on Trish. Oh MAN did she turn into a colossal whiney bitch in Season 2. And that tease at the end of last season, I have a feeling she’s even gonna more annoying. Haha. Sigh.

But unfortunately no plot and air dates are known right now. But definitely looking forward to it.

Source: io9

‘Sky Full of Song’ from Florence + the Machine!

Okay, I know I really don’t post about music on this site, but I LOVE Florence + the Machine! I really wound’t know how to describe her music, but it definitely gives me all the right feels. So why post about her? Well, they came out with a new song, and it’s GLORIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL!

Check out the music video for ‘Sky Full of Song’ below.

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