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How Can You Not Love John Oliver?

It’s funny, I don’t think I would regard myself as part of a specific political party. But I most definitely vote for a party/candidate that is in most in-line with my concerns and beliefs. It just happens to be Democrat more often than not.

That said, this current administration is scary, horrifying and dangerous. And I definitely look to comedians for more insight into the news. I know that sounds absolutely insane. But I would definitely argue that shows like THE DAILY SHOW, among others, do more research than national & local news outlets.

Which brings me to John Oliver.

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Okay, I think it’s fair to say that the X-MEN movies from 20th Century Fox have definitely been hit or miss. With the main X movies, things definitely went downhill with X-MEN 3 (fucking Brett Ratner). But things definitely got new vigor with FIRST CLASS. But sadly, Matthew Vaughn didn’t come back for DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. And as you know, Bryan Singer was back at the helm, and the great costumes Matt introduced were out, and we were back to the black leather… and with APOCALYPSE, man, I can’t even comment on that… I couldn’t make it past the first act of that shit storm.

But even though we have a new director for DARK PHOENIX, looks like we got some new costumes too!

Check it out below!

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TNT Has Made a Full Season Order of ‘Snowpiercer’

Last year we heard that a TV series was being developed based on Joon-Ho Bong’s fantastic film, SNOWPIERCER. Back then, no real details were available about the plot or cast for the series. But for me?  I was a little confused as how this would work.

Immediately my brain went to a continuation or build up of the movie? Whether it was a follow-up after the crash, or a series that led up to the evacuation on the train, or even carving out a narrative on the train before the rebellion that happened in the movie… but either scenario I could think just ended up being a very finite idea. And I couldn’t imagine how they would build a lasting series from it.

Well, looks like we got a little light on that topic from SyFy Wire.

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Could Our Captain be Returning to the Franchise?

So last month, the internet went crazy with the news that Quentin Tarantino expressed interest in directing a STAR TREK. Even more so that it sounds like Paramount is on board, with J.J. Abrams heading up the writer’s room.

But it gets even better Boys and Girls, cause sounds like a TNG Alum would love to come back if this happens!

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Dear Hollywood, Stop Giving Us the Movie in the Trailer Before We See the Movie…

So it’s no secret that movie theatre attendance is at an all-time low. Be it lack of engaging content, the theatre experience just doesn’t hold that much appeal anymore, rising prices, or a whole number of other things… not as many people are going to the movies.

For me, a contributing factor is that Studios cut trailers that pretty much give you the movie in the trailer.

The most recent example of this? PITCH PERFECT 3

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