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I have to say, VALERIAN was a bit of a disappointment. It’s funny, I used to joke that the hallmark of a bad movie was if the only goof thing you’d have to say about it was how good the visual effects were. And that was definitely the case here.

Now in all fairness, I read some reviews going in. And they all pretty much talked about how the movie was too long, boring, the leads had no chemistry, etc. And, honestly, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s all pretty much true.  Continue reading REVIEW: ‘VALERIAN’

Cara Delevingne Sings?

Model, actress, and now singer? Looks like everyones favorite Enchantress sings too! Recently on the interwebs, word broke on her single and music video, I Feel Everything, which looks like it was written for the movie VALERIAN, of which Delevingne co-stars.

Sounds like the track itself was produced by Pharrell, and the video was directed by none other than Luc Besson. Which, you know, makes sense.

Check out the video below!  Continue reading Cara Delevingne Sings?

‘EDGE OF TOMORROW 2’ Gets a Title.., and it’s “meh”?

EDGE OF TOMORROW was by far one of my favorite movies when it came out in 2014. Being a big fan of the cast, director, sci-fi, and ANY take on time-travel, definitely loved the movie.

Though, definitely a little worried when news broke that a sequel was more or less confirmed was happening. Don’t get me wrong, I would love more than anything to see more in that world. But EDGE OF TOMORROW definitely played as a movie that was not intended as a franchise, just a great & fun movie.

I do worry in situations like this, you know, when I enjoyed a movie that really didn’t seem intended as a franchise starts to get built out as one. I mean, look at PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN or PITCH PERFECT. I mean, in both cases, fun movies, but given their box office success, sequels were inevitable. But the subsequent installments just failed to measure up.

And I’m worried that that may happen to EDGE… BUT it’s happening. Continue reading ‘EDGE OF TOMORROW 2’ Gets a Title.., and it’s “meh”?

‘ELEMENTARY’ has Been Renewed for a 6th Season

Sure, I know some argue that ELEMENTARY is a poor man’s SHERLOCK, and while I can appreciate that criticism, I fucking love this show. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love SHERLOCK too! And though I know SHERLOCK is on PBS, I would offer that whatever comparisons you want to make between the 2 shows, ELEMENTARY is definitely one of the smarter shows on Broadcast right now… which probably explains why it was in danger of cancellation.  Continue reading ‘ELEMENTARY’ has Been Renewed for a 6th Season