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So you might’ve heard that NETFLIX is $20 billion in debt… well, though, not technically. I mean, they got financing for $20B that if they don’t make GREAT strides in revenue, then yes, they will probably be $20 billion in debt. BUT what’s NETFLIX’s plan in the whole “making great strides” department?

Well, essentially investing more in producing original content. Not to be confused with buying movies and such and branding them as “original”, but more creating original content like STRANGER THINGS was born from the NETFLIX house. Continue reading NETFLIX Acquires MILLARWORLD!

Out of SDCC: New Trailer for ‘STRANGER THINGS 2’

SDCC may feel like a distant memory now, but I still have a TON of things to share with you. I mean, sure, you’ve probably already seen it by now. But I’m gonna keep posting, cause I love this stuff so much!

BUT one of the things out of Comic-Con this year? NEW TRAILER FOR STRANGER THINGS 2! Really, what more do you need to know? Check it out below! Continue reading Out of SDCC: New Trailer for ‘STRANGER THINGS 2’

Nice Little ‘DEFENDERS’ Spot From Korea

More and more Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS seems to be in the news, and why wouldn’t it? Cause it looks AWESOME! But my bias aside, came across a fun a little spot for the show out of Korea that I thought you’d enjoy.

Features Stan Lee narrating throughout, with a little surprise at the end. We’ll see if that plays a part in the show.

Check out the spot after the jump! Continue reading Nice Little ‘DEFENDERS’ Spot From Korea