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For a while now, it’s been known that Sony Pictures wanted to develop an expanded universe for their Spider-Man license. But after the dismal performance of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, that seemed all but a pipe dream.

But then with the success of SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING, looks like things are back on track. And with it, a fast tracked VENOM movie starring Tom Hardy. And we got a teaser trailer, check it out below!

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Looks like ‘God Particle’ is a ‘Paradox’! The Next Chapter of ‘CLOVERFIELD’!

So there’s been some teases for Bad Robot’s secret production, GOD PARTICLE. What since has been revealed as the next CLOVERFIELD movie. A movie that has been delayed time and time again. But even with a super secret viral site (reported by NERDIST), when we’d see this movie was anyone’s guess.


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Full Trailer for ‘RED SPARROW’

Love her or hate her, JLaw is definitely an accomplished actress. And personally, I’m definitely a fan, and I can’t wait for her new movie, RED SPARROW. If anything, it’ll probably be the closest we get to a Black Widow movie!

We’ve only gotten a teaser trailer last year, but FOX has given us a full trailer, and it’s pretty badass. Check it out below!  Continue reading Full Trailer for ‘RED SPARROW’

New Trailer for ‘WINCHESTER’

I posted the teaser for WINCHESTER back in October, but looks like Lionsgate just released the first trailer for this creepy as hell flick! Sure, at first glance it looks like your generic horror flick, but I love the cast, and in love with the myth of the Winchester House. In that context, I can’t wait for this movie!

And like I said, this movie looks creepy as hell! Check out the trailer below!

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Teaser Trailer for ‘MORTAL ENGINES’

So I’m about to make 2 exes of mine VERY HAPPY… *ahem. MAN, I need to read more! First with READY PLAYER ONE, I was gifted the book, but hadn’t had the chance to read it, now a movie is coming out. And now? Out of nowhere comes a teaser for a movie called, MORTAL ENGINES, adapted from the books by Philip Reeve.

And I have to say, if the teaser is any indication, I could only imagine what world the books paint. BUT check out the teaser below! I’m not going to give you any setup, but it’s pretty exciting…

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