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Yes, director, Rian Johnson, warned fans if you wanted to go in cold for THE LAST JEDI, DON’T watch the trailer that was released last night. But let’s be honest, whose Force was strong enough to resist it? Haha. And if you were? You’re a stronger Jedi than me to be sure!

BUT if you haven’t seen it. If you’re resisting, but the will is losing… CHECK OUT THE TRAILER BELOW! IT’S SO GOOD! (I know, I’m a horrible person, haha.) Continue reading GAH! TRAILER FOR ‘THE LAST JEDI’!!!

TRAILER: ‘Killing Gunther’

I have to say, though I grew up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies as a kid, be it TERMINATOR, THE RUNNING MAN, PREDATOR, TWINS and more. I really haven’t been into him since his political run. And his push to return to acting after that political career, especially to old franchises like TERMINATOR, almost seemed a little desperate. That said, came across this trailer on, for KILLING GUNTHER, and I have to say, I am on-board!

If you dig action-comedy, check out the trailer below! Continue reading TRAILER: ‘Killing Gunther’