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Let’s be honest, if you’re a fan of Marvel movies, or comics in general, chances are you’ve already seen this movie. And, again, let’s be honest, you know you LOVED IT! I know I definitely did.

But this review is more for the movie fans who might consider comic book movies not necessarily their thing. And to them, I would offer, this is definitely worth going to the theatre to see!

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Is ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ a Hot Mess? Yea, Kinda…

I try to stay away from reviews about anything entertainment that I’m a fan of. Be it comics, TV, movies, whatever. If marketing does it’s job, and sparks an interest, I’d like to find out for myself. But headlines are hard to avoid. And every now and again, the click bait does it’s job, and I read a review or two.

Such was the case with Vanity Fair and JUSTICE LEAGUE.

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Now you should probably know going into this that I’m only vaguely familiar with the books, mainly from spotting early Dave McKean cover art on early releases in the book store, and I’ve never read THE DARK TOWER books as a whole… well, with the exception of a couple volumes of the MARVEL adaptations… but Peter David is definitely no Stephen King. I mainly bought and read them for Jae Lee’s art, which was FANTASTIC! But those readings were a faint memory seeing this movie.

But basically I saw this movie with virgin eyes, and I LOVED IT.  Continue reading REVIEW: ‘THE DARK TOWER’


I have to say, VALERIAN was a bit of a disappointment. It’s funny, I used to joke that the hallmark of a bad movie was if the only goof thing you’d have to say about it was how good the visual effects were. And that was definitely the case here.

Now in all fairness, I read some reviews going in. And they all pretty much talked about how the movie was too long, boring, the leads had no chemistry, etc. And, honestly, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s all pretty much true.  Continue reading REVIEW: ‘VALERIAN’


Inclusion has been a hot topic in Hollywood lately. Both with gender and ethnicity. Why do I mention that? Well, I hadn’t realized that OKJA was produced, at least in part, by Tilda Swinton, and some of you might remember Margret Cho going on a social media rampage about a conversation (which were actually emails) she had with Tilda over inclusion when she was promoting DOCTOR STRANGE… as for that whole cluster, I’m Team Tilda all the way! And that’s a Korean saying that.

BUT in those emails, Tilda had mentioned that she was producing a movie with Stephen Yeun, and I had NO IDEA “THIS” was that movie!

And in short, OKJA is SO GOOD!

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Let’s be honest, you’re not gonna wait for anyone’s opinion or recommendation on this movie. Chances are, you’ve already seen it, and if you haven’t, you know you’re not gonna wait for reviews, that shit is already on your calendar.

BUT if you’re still here, well, let me just say that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is FUCKING AWESOME! Continue reading REVIEW: ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2’

REVIEW: ‘COLOSSAL’, A Movie You Should Definitely See!

Honestly I knew nothing about this movie going in. Well, that’s not entirely true, I knew next to nothing. All I had was a random bit I happened across where you see Anne Hathaway motioning to Jason Sudeikis in the movie to show she’s controlling the monster.

When I saw that, don’t know what it was that sparked, but I was all, “I don’t know what you are, but I must WATCH YOU!”

And I am so glad I did. Because the movie is INCREDIBLE! Continue reading REVIEW: ‘COLOSSAL’, A Movie You Should Definitely See!