Honestly, I can’t remember seeing THE DARK CRYSTAL, let alone if I ever saw it. I know, BLASPHEMOUS! But, come on, I was 4 when it came out. BUT it goes without saying, THE DARK CRYSTAL has built huge fan base since it’s release, from it’s story, it’s genre, and in no small part, the genius that was the late, great Jim Henson.

Now you’ve probably already have heard, but Netflix is teaming up with The Jim Henson Company to bring you a prequel series to the streaming service! Check out the teaser below!

‘EDGE OF TOMORROW 2’ Gets a Title.., and it’s “meh”?

EDGE OF TOMORROW was by far one of my favorite movies when it came out in 2014. Being a big fan of the cast, director, sci-fi, and ANY take on time-travel, definitely loved the movie.

Though, definitely a little worried when news broke that a sequel was more or less confirmed was happening. Don’t get me wrong, I would love more than anything to see more in that world. But EDGE OF TOMORROW definitely played as a movie that was not intended as a franchise, just a great & fun movie.

I do worry in situations like this, you know, when I enjoyed a movie that really didn’t seem intended as a franchise starts to get built out as one. I mean, look at PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN or PITCH PERFECT. I mean, in both cases, fun movies, but given their box office success, sequels were inevitable. But the subsequent installments just failed to measure up.

And I’m worried that that may happen to EDGE… BUT it’s happening. Continue reading ‘EDGE OF TOMORROW 2’ Gets a Title.., and it’s “meh”?

‘ELEMENTARY’ has Been Renewed for a 6th Season

Sure, I know some argue that ELEMENTARY is a poor man’s SHERLOCK, and while I can appreciate that criticism, I fucking love this show. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love SHERLOCK too! And though I know SHERLOCK is on PBS, I would offer that whatever comparisons you want to make between the 2 shows, ELEMENTARY is definitely one of the smarter shows on Broadcast right now… which probably explains why it was in danger of cancellation.  Continue reading ‘ELEMENTARY’ has Been Renewed for a 6th Season

‘Sleepy Hollow’ has Been Cancelled.

This really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but Variety has reported that the supernatural drama has been cancelled. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise as this show has gotten progressively worse since it’s GREAT first season. And had REALLY gotten worse since they killed Abby Mills for a SECOND TIME.

Which boggles my mind how the show hit this point. I mean, I don’t think anyone could argue the first season was really fun TV. And you could even make the argument that through those first season stories, they implied that they had a plan for a 7 season run. So how the show hit the suck bucket is mind boggling.

Granted I don’t know what went on behind the scenes for the show. But if you’re storylines get less and less engaging, then you kill one of the leads, twice… a lead whose character provides a great balance for the other… the show was definitely mishandled since season 1’s end.

As unfortunate as the history of the show has been, it’s good to put this one out of it’s misery. But it’s freshman season will always be one I enjoyed.

Source: Variety


Let’s be honest, you’re not gonna wait for anyone’s opinion or recommendation on this movie. Chances are, you’ve already seen it, and if you haven’t, you know you’re not gonna wait for reviews, that shit is already on your calendar.

BUT if you’re still here, well, let me just say that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is FUCKING AWESOME! Continue reading REVIEW: ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2’

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