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After who knows how long a time of worry from initial news that this remake was happening, to leaked set photos of a cyborg costume that screamed Christopher Nolan Batman… the first trailer for the Robocop remake has been released.

And I have to be honest… it doesn’t look half bad. Don’t get me wrong, still skeptical as hell… just not as much. Check out the trailer after the jump!

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TRAILER: Back to Basics with RIDDICK!


Okay we all know the sequel to PITCH BLACK, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, was a big budget shit-box. But looks like Vin Diesel wants to do right by the fans, and give them a movie as awesome as the original. Doing everything, including taking a paycut, to make RIDDICK. And honestly, it looks like it’s paying off.

Check out the latest trailer after the jump, which looks like it’s back to PITCH BLACK basics with RIDDICK!

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