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And the First Shot has Been Fired!



Well it’s no secret that Warner Bros. moved the release date of Batman vs. Superman, the sequel to Man of Steel, to the same weekend in 2016. Well, as part of the press tour for Captain America: Winter Soldier, the cast was asked what they thought about the move, and the response is pretty hilarious.


Rupert Sanders to Direct Live-Action GHOST IN THE SHELL?


So Rupert Sanders, director of the shitbox, Snow White and the Huntsman, is reportedly signed on to direct one greatest pieces of manga that is Ghost in the Shell, as a live-action film…

…that sound you were heard was my eyes rolling. Yes, I know eyes don’t make sounds… until NOW! That’s how much I couldn’t be less excited about this news.

Being a huge fan of Japanese pop-culture since I was a kid, I’ve been disappointed time and time again by Hollywood’s attempt at adapting manga and anime properties into live-action films. And getting the director of Snow White to direct one of my favorite manga… it’s hurts a special place inside my body.

FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot May Take a New Take on Origin?

Fantastic-Four-Terry-DodsonSo it’s no secret with Disney’s purchase of MARVEL, and MARVEL themselves producing a pretty solid and entertaining movie universe, other studios are holding on to their MARVEL film rights with the strongest of death-grips.
A lot of times with these deals, if you don’t make another film with-in a certain amount of time, the rights revert back to the owner. Next up in the death-grip hold? FOX is prepping a reboot of their FANTASTIC FOUR film franchise. Sure that’s no secret, but director Josh Trank’s take on the whole thing may completely rewrite the origin story of the fantastic family. And this has quite a fanboys in a uproar.

As far as I’m concerned, to the hard-core fans, get over it.

Let’s remember, the origin of the Fantastic family is campy as hell. Let’s think about it: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a brother, and a best friend go into space only to get hit with cosmic rays, and get superpowers.

That shit is campy, sure may have worked in the ’60s, and even though FOX tried to keep true to it by trying to modernize it with their first attempt… I think we all can pretty much agree it didn’t work.

So, let’s get over it. Sure, at least for me, FOX doesn’t have my confidence with comic movies… especially with MARVEL titles. Bryan Singer “X” movies not withstanding. But I can definitely appreciate needing to rethink how to approach a film. So I am personally intrigued to see where this goes if reports ring true about the change.

How about you?

Check out the new poster for ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’



What do you guys think?

I loved the first movie, and can’t wait for this sequel. From the poster, we can see that the uniform looks to have shifted back to the utility look of the first movie, and not the spandex styles from The Avengers, which I am totally digging that decision.

But hot on the heels of this poster being released, looks like a trailer will hit tomorrow! Stay tuned ‘Bugs!

Happy 75th Superman!

In case you didn’t know, SUPERMAN turns 75th this year. And to celebrate, Warner Bros. Animation teamed up with Man of Steel director, Zack Snyder to make a short showcasing those glorious 75 years. Starting from his first appearance, all the way to the Man of Steel movie.