Well, the End is Near for GAME OF THRONES

Well Boys and Girls, we all knew it was coming. I mean, something as awesome as GAME OF THRONES can’t last forever… as much as we would love it to. Well, HBO finally gave us a timeframe for all of us to mourn.

That’s right kids, HBO has confirmed that GAME OF THRONES will come to an end. The internet has been a buzz with this news, but for us, it comes from io9, and they report that GAME OF THRONES will come to an end with season 8.

[Cue nationwide screams of, “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!”]

The news came from HBO’s programming executive, Casey Bloys at a TCA press tour…

Yes. they have a very specific plan about the number of seasons they want to do,” Bloys told EW. “If I could get them to do more, I would take 10 more seasons. But we take their lead on what they think they can do the best version of the show.

I can definitely respect that, but still hate to see the series end.

Though the article talks about rumors of a spin-off? But we’ll see.

If you want to read full story from io9, check it out here.