‘Justice League’ Trailer Premieres at SDCC!

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but Warner Brothers has debuted the first trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE at SDCC! Actually… I shouldn’t have ended that last sentence with an exclamation point…

BUT check out the trailer after the jump!

So there you have it! Looks like the folks over at WB & DC are definitely going for an INJUSTICE look/vibe. But other than that? It looks cool as hell, but it really feels like it’s trying for an AVENGERS vibe? Which is unfortunate.

Now don’t get me wrong, despite Warner Brothers track record with DC movies, this trailer looks cool as hell… but I just wish it didn’t feel like they were trying to emulate Marvel. Not saying they are, it’s just what it feels like. But I’ll definitely be in line when it opens!