The Upcoming ‘AVATAR’ Sequels are Set to be Stand-Alone Movies

So it’s definitely been awhile since AVATAR was released, and despite it’s success, and Jame Cameron’s overtures of, “the technology isn’t ready for the sequels”, he’s definitely missed the boat to keep the hype going after it’s success. But since the first movie, promises of the sequel has grown to 4 upcoming movies.

But sounds like we got a little more news of what they might entail. 

Producer Jon Landau addressed the future for the AVATAR movies at a recent screening for ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, and spoke how the upcoming four movies will fit into a larger story.

Landau said:

Each movie is a standalone movie that we would wanna go see. You don’t need to have seen the first Avatar to see Avatar 2…

What we have the luxury of on Avatar is the world of Pandora…

We get to keep it there, but everything can be new; we’re not treading new ground.

One point I’m confused by they bring stand-alone movies AND them fitting into a larger story. See for me, that either means, there’s a broad stroke story they want to tell, but each movie won’t be immediately connected, or they won’t have the characters carry over from the first movie… or maybe vice-versa.

Personally I would love the see the characters we ended with come up in the sequels.

But only time will tell what shape the sequels will take.

The next AVATAR sequel is slated to hit theatres on December 18, 2020.

Source: SYFY Wire