Trailer: ‘RAMPANT’

Looks like South Korea is doubling down on sword wielding warriors battling zombies! First we had KINGDOM which premiered on Netflix this month. NOW we’ve got RAMPANT giving us more sword/zombie action!

And speaking of doubling down, RAMPANT is coming from the same studio that brought us TRAIN TO BUSAN!

Check out the trailer below!

A darkness looms over ancient Korea: murderous creatures known as Night Demons have overrun the country. Returning from a long imprisonment abroad, Prince Ganglim discovers that it will take the strength of his entire kingdom to stop the bloody rampage spreading across the nation in this fresh new take on zombie horror from the studios that brought you TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Now, I might be a little biased, being Korean myself, but this looks pretty bad ass. My only worry? My experience with movies from the homeland is that they ALWAYS end up SUPER melodramatic by way of soap operas. I mean, TRAIN TO BUSAN, was an excellent example, ended SUPER melodramatic! But short of that? Definitely looking forward to this coming out!

RAMPANT had a small release 2018, and is coming out digital and home video on February 26th.