Has ‘STAR TREK 4’ Been Shelved?

What I imagine is not a surprise to anyone, but word on the street is that the fourth installment of the STAR TREK movie franchise has been shelved indefinitely.

The timeline is a little murky, but there was hope with a strong 4th entry into Kelvin-verse with the announcement of S.J. Clarkson being announced as the director for the movie. That in it of itself was a milestone, as she would be the first woman in the franchise’s long history to direct a STAR TREK movie.

But recently it’s been announced by HBO that Clarkson has been tapped to direct the GAME OF THRONES prequel series that’s currently in development at the network. That in it of itself left many wondering what happened to her calendar that suddenly gave her bandwidth to helm a television series.

To add harm to injury, it’s no secret that negotiations fell apart between Paramount and stars Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth. The latter having been teased to make a return as Captain Kirk’s dad in the sequel, because, let’s be honest, if there’s anything STAR TREK does well, it’s time-travel.

As for why negotiations fell apart? Sounds like after the less than stellar performance of STAR TREK: BEYOND at the box office, the studio was looking at every opportunity to cut the budget for a fourth outing, which included the stars’ payday on the movie.

So between those two instances, news outlets have been reporting the assumption that the fourth movie is no more. I can only imagine because DISCOVERY’s premiere is coming up, they wanted to get the theories in.

But regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any official announcement from Paramount at this time regarding the topic, so I personally remain hopeful that “shelved” doesn’t mean “cancelled”.

Though in this business, you just never know.

But as a life-long Trekker (yes, “er”, not “ee”), I do hope we’ll see Pine and company on the bridge for at least one more outing.

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