The long teased reunion of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in the MIB follow-up finally has us seeing footage in it’s first trailer! And I have to say, the trailer looks fun as hell! Check it out below!

Word on the street that this installment was to be a MIB/21 JUMPSTREET crossover… I don’t know if you remember that initiative, but I sure as hell do… and still think that would’ve been a gloriously horrible idea.

That’s why after seeing this trailer for MI INTERNATIONAL, SO GLAD Sony couldn’t line-up that crossover.

But I’m sure you gleaned from the trailer above, looks like the franchise is going the the KINGSMAN route, and proposing MIB branches around the world. And as for the plot, looks like the MIB has a mole, the team-up of Chris & Tessa to track them down!

The plot sounds simple enough, and honestly on a movie like this, simple is all you need.

The chemistry the leads had on THOR: RAGNAROK was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC, and in a franchise like MEN IN BLACK, I can’t wait for a return of some of that comedic/action glory! 

MIB INTERNATIONAL hits next Summer!