‘VERONICA MARS’ is Coming to Hulu?

So by a weird happenstance, an Omaze post came up on my social feeds to visit the VERONICA MARS set. And all I could think was, “THERE’S A NEW VERONICA MARS?!!!”

And sure enough, if I’m not the only one who’s been living under a rock, Mars Investigations is coming to Hulu!

So Marshmallows, what are the details for the upcoming series? Well Marie Claire shared what they know, well, turns out Hulu picked up the series for a direct-to-series order of eight, one hour episodes. 

There’s no official release date, but sounds like a good chunk of the original cast is set to return, along with a few new faces. 

Read the whole story over on Marie Claire. But in the meantime Marshmallows, you ready to head back to Neptune?

As for that Omaze campaign? Check it out here. All proceeds go to support the ACLU Southern California.

Source: Marie Claire