The Cancellation of ‘DAREDEVIL’ Still Hurts

Are you still reeling from the news that Netflix has cancelled DAREDEVIL? Lord knows I definitely am. For those of you who’ve been under a rock for the past month, following the news of LUKE CAGE and IRON FIST being cancelled, it was announced last month that the streaming giant has dropped the axe on the MARVEL/NETFLIX inaugural show.

As to why the DAREDEVIL was cancelled? Well, reports seem to point to that the relationship between Marvel and Netflix has become strained. Which seems to track with the news of LUKE CAGE’s cancellation, from a shorten season order after the season was plotted, to creative disputes and other issues.

As for the creative disputes over DAREDEVIL? Well, haven’t seen anything come up on my radar as to what they may have been. But what is known is that season 4 has already been planned out. So it definitely sucks we won’t be seeing what might’ve been.

But for those of you hoping that the cancelled Marvel/Netflix shows will head to Disney’s forthcoming streaming service, Disney+, well, I have some salt to pour on this wound. Supposedly Disney+ wants nothing to do with the Netflix produced shows. CBR is reporting that Rolling Stone’s TV critic, Alan Sepinwall, has stated:

The execs have already said they don’t want these shows on the Disney service. And even if they did, the nature of the contracts would make it virtually impossible. They’re done.

Sepinwall goes on to say:

I should clarify, the Marvel shows for Disney+ are being produced by Marvel movie execs, who do not like or get along with the Marvel TV execs who made Dardevil et al. Technically, they COULD make a Luke Cage show a few years down the line. They just don’t want to.

So it sounds like, with all the cancellation news, and Marvel responding that the characters will live on, it just might not be with the same cast, crews, and stories, only the characters. Maybe something similar to what happened with Sony Pictures and Marvel over SPIDER-MAN. Despite the franchise failing under Sony, Tobey Mcguire or Andrew Garfield wouldn’t be a good fit in terms of casting in the MCU. So with the Marvel agreement, it allowed for casting, not only that is more appropriate for the character, but also allowed for casting for someone that would fit into the larger MCU landscape.

So that’s something we might see here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the casting for the Netflix/Marvel shows, but there are definitely in their own little universe, with their own tone that differs from the MCU. So I’d definitely bet that we’ll be seeing a new take on the characters in some live-action format in the future.

But what about the remaining 2 shows on Netflix, well, no word on JESSICA JONES and PUNISHER… but if I had to guess, just from what the impression of the business relationship seems to be, they’re probably on the chopping block too. But I hope we get at least one more season of both those shows. Krysten Ritter is SO GREAT as Jessica Jones and we FINALLY have an awesome Punisher in Job Bernthal. So definitely hoping for at least another season.

But I’ll definitely keep you updated as this reaping continues.