CW Releases First Image of Ruby Rose as BATWOMAN!

REJOICE FANS! The CW has released the first image of Ruby Rose as BATWOMAN, and she looks AMAZING! Check it out below!

The Arrowverse’s Batwoman will be introduced in this December’s Elseworld crossover event between ARROW, THE FLASH, and SUPERGIRL. Sadly, THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will be sitting out this year’s crossover.

But sounds like Arrow, Flash and Supergirl will be teaming up with Batwoman in Gotham City, after some good ‘ol crazy at Arkham Asylum grabs everyone’s attention through the multiverse.

Personally I love Ruby in this costume. The costume itself feels like it’s right out of the comics, and strangely works at the same time. And Ruby really seems to embody the character in the photo.

Some of you might remember, when Ruby Rose was first cast as Batwoman, as much as there was fan joy, there was troll outcry. And the outcry was to the point where Ruby quit Twitter.

Personally, I think she looks great, and the roles I’ve seen her play, I think she’ll kick ass in the role. I can’t wait to see her take on the character come to life.

The Elseworlds crossover will start on 12/9 with THE FLASH, then continue on ARROW on 12/10, then finish off on SUPERGIRL on 12/11.