‘SOLO’ Writer Anticipates a Sequel will Not Happen

With SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY recently hitting digital, co-writer Jon Kasdan anticipates that there will most likely not be a sequel to the early adventures of everyone’s favorite smuggler.

Kasdan, in a series of tweets, talked about his thoughts of a potential sequel:

To be honest, I think the challenge has much more to do with the foreign box office than the U.S.

Personally, I think there are great Star Wars movies to be made that don’t need to cost quite so much. Hopefully that will be the trend in the years to come, and maybe, just maybe that trend will allow us, one way or another, to tell more stories with Alden, Joonas, Emila and Donald. With those actors and RH, I would jump at the opportunity. Given the way Hollywood, and the culture at large, seem to run from anything labeled a disappointment, the odds seem like they’re against it happening anytime soon. But, I suppose, Han wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kasdan’s thoughts are probably in-line with rumors back in June with Lucasfilm putting any STAR WARS spin-offs on-hold.

Though, personally, though there’s no doubt that the foreign box-office and budget is playing a part in Kasdan’s suspicions, but for me, it’s probably because SOLO just wasn’t a good movie.

I talked briefly about this in my pseudo review for the movie. But they could’ve done so much more with SOLO. Mainly, the big points in the movie could’ve been a trilogy in it of itself. And with lead Alden Ehrenreich having signed on for 3 movies, there was clear intent for a trilogy.

But look at it like this, SOLO featured meeting Chewbacca, meeting Lando, and the Kessel Run. You have your trilogy right there. But instead the powers that be jammed all of that into one movie, and as a result the significance of all 3 moments suffered as a result, even half-assed.

Even with SOLO earning almost $393 million worldwide, sounds like it still resulted in over $50 million in losses for Disney.

Personally I would love to see more about Han’s early days. So I definitely hope there’s a sequel. Just real in the budget, and be smarter about the long-term game for the story and the franchise as a whole.

But we’ll see what happens.

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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is now available on digital on your favorite services like iTunes and Amazon, and hits Blu-Ray on September 25th.

Source: CBR.com