Looks Like ‘STAR WARS’ is Getting a Doctor!

EXCITING NEWS Boys and Girls! Sounds like the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, has been cast in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX! Currently the role is unspecified, but it’s been confirmed to be a “key role”. So whether he’ll land of the side of the Rebels or the Empire, remains to be seen. 

Personally? I TOTALLY see Matt Smith as one with the Force, whether it be as Jedi or a Sith, definitely strong with the Force! I mean, come on, after EPISODE VIII, the franchise could definitely use some new Force blood. With Snoke & Luke dead, and Kylo being a whiney little bitch, definitely could use something new.

Who knows, maybe he’s one of the Knights of Ren that we have yet to see? Ooooooohhhhhh…. that would be fun!

Okay, I’m getting off-track here! I’m just stoked my favorite Doctor we’ll be in one of my favorite franchises! I only hope there’s a bow-tie with Smith’s STAR WARS costume! Haha.

STAR WARS: EPISODE IX is currently filming in the UK.

Source: Variety