So is Sony a Whiney Little Bitch?

So before Sony Pictures decided to play nice with Marvel Studios, I honestly don’t think they’ve had any measurable success with a Marvel movie since the first two SPIDER-MAN movies under Sam Raimi. So with the blockbuster success with HOMECOMING, you’d think they’d pay more concern about “optics”.

Where am I going with this? Well, with VENOM coming out in October, whether you’re looking forward to it or not, there was something I noticed in the first trailer…

That’s right, in BIG, BOLD type, “IN ASSOCIATION WITH”… almost like they want to accentuate the fact that it’s not a Marvel movie, and they can do it on their own… but only they couldn’t, not for awhile.

But I just found how large the, “in association with”, funny. I don’t recall that statement on trailers for SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING, or any FOX-centric Marvel movie. It’s almost like with Sony’s numerous failures, they’re almost prideful, and marking their territory.

You’d think Sony wouldn’t be so prideful since working with Marvel Studios ended with a huge win with HOMECOMING.

But it doesn’t stop there. Looks like Sony Pictures has come up with a name for it’s Marvel movies. Now you may know the MCU, but looks like Sony is taking the “marking their territory” a step further by calling their Marvel movies, SUMC. What does that mean? Well…

“Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters”

Yea, that “ew” you might be feeling… I had the same response. No word if this term was meant for internal use or not… but I guess that’s moot now since it’s out there. But going back to optics, between the huge “in association with”, and now drawing a line in the sand with their initiatives… just seems prideful and childish, especially since that initial collaboration worked out so well.

I fully concede that I have no idea what went into the thought process for the marketing. But like I said, optics, just looks bad. And if the impression is true to form? Just a little professionalism Sony. There’s being competitive, then there’s being childish.