Looks Like the MCU is Going to Have a New Leader in Phase 4

So it’s no secret that the OG MCU AVENGER’s contracts are coming to end… well, end-ish. I mean, let’s be honest, the majority of them hit their marks a while ago, but they kept coming back. BUT whatever iteration of their current contracts, they’re coming to an end. And to complement that, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has brought the promise of a radically new MCU.

And looks like the powers that be are keeping good on that promise. 

UPROXX is reporting that during a presentation at CineEurope, Disney previewed an upcoming slate of movies from the studio. Amongst them, AVENGERS 4.

While no footage was presented for AVENGERS 4, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige made a presentation, and attendees had this to say:

While there isn’t a frame-by-frame description of this footage, the report does state that it included Larson’s take on the titular character. The video introduced exhibitors to who Captain Marvel is, explained her various powers, and said that she will be the next face and leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading into Phase 4.

There it is boys and girls, Captain Marvel is the new face of the MCU come Phase 4, and personally, I am TOTALLY STOKED for this!

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Source: UPROXX