‘TIMELESS’ Has Been Cancelled… Again.

If you’ve been anything like me, you’ve been waited on baited breath for news on the fate of TIMELESS, ESPECIALLY after that season finale. But I’m sorry to say kids, that TIMELESS has been officially cancelled, again.

TIMELESS has never been a steady performer for NBC, but in it’s first season it developed quite the loyal, and cult following, myself included. So much so, after it’s cancellation for it’s first season, fan outcry got the network to reverse it’s decision.

Sadly, the moderate performance of the show hasn’t changed, and I don’t think there’s a revival this time out.

But with pick-ups for BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, THE EXPANSE, and LUCIFER, there might be a chance… but we got so lucky with two shows. Don’t know if we can be greedy with a third. But I won’t argue if someone gives it another chance.

Though if someone does pick up TIMELESS for a third season, my advice for Eric Kripke, give the show a distinctive look all it’s own. Both through season 1 and 2, the look of the show seemed so generic. Like it was filmed with default settings. At the very least, color grade and contrast the footage. Giving the present day it’s own texture, and every time period it’s own feel applicable to the era. Much in the same way THE MATRIX had reality in blues, and the matrix in greens.

But that’s just a thought.

Either way, it doesn’t seem likely that there’s a pick-up in TIMELINE’s future. But one can only hope.

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Source: EW