You know, I really hate the term, “heady”, when describing something a little more substantive than other, in this case, movies. But, for lack of a better term, ANNIHILATION is definitely a “heady” sci-fi movie. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from writer/director Alex Garland.

But here’s the thing, I’ve always felt like I’ve been pretty good with coming away with something from something like a heady movie. Especially with Garland’s work. Whether it be his previous directing effort, EX MACHINA, or the copious amounts of screenplays he’s written. Safe to say I’m definitely a fan of the creative.

But yea, definitely felt like I’m good at having a takeaway with a heady movie… but with ANNIHILATION, I got nothing. Don’t get me wrong, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what I watched, I definitely enjoyed it. Yea, it definitely felt heavy at times. But definitely enjoyed it.

I just wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the actual story.

The premise is pretty much what you’ve seen in the trailers. An object of unknown origin strikes Earth, and begins to reshape the world around the impact site. The effect increasingly grows to wear teams are sent in, one of which Kane (Oscar Issac) is sent in. But only to disappear. When Kane reappears a year later, his wife Lena (Natalie Portman) becomes involved, and ends up joining the next team in. And based on the trailers alone, what they discover is beyond horror and  imagination.

Though the idea of the story was lost on me while watching it, I have to say it was beautiful to behold. Many of the creatures seemed like something out of a Miyazaki movie, and the production design was gorgeous in an almost ethereal, yet frightening way. Watching the players interact with this world, at least for me, was worth the price of admission…

Heh, it’s funny, when friends would ask me about how the movie was, and I didn’t know what to tell them… I would leave it at, “I think I need to let this one gestate for a bit…” As I write this, a takeaway occurs to me. Now I don’t think it’ll be a spoiler in any way sharing this, but I have to say that the movie itself was definitely a comment of how if we don’t accept ourselves, and adapt to change, we’ll be lost in the world around us and disappear.

Yea, I would definitely say that was the case.

And definitely enjoy the movie even more now.

Safe to say I like this movie. And I would encourage you to see it. I realize it’s not for everyone, and unfortunately it’s probably not for mostly everyone, which is unfortunate. In a world dominated by candy ass entertainment, we could use more of something that forces us to think a little bit. And if this review is any indication, ANNIHILATION definitely made me think, and that’s not a bad thing.

ANNIHILATION is in theatres now.