Netflix Bringing Back the Handcrafted Poster!

It’s definitely been widely reported that Netflix is billions in borrowed debt, all in an effort to bring more original content to their streaming business. And I personally think they’ve been doing an awesome job. Whether it be their partnership with Marvel, of course STRANGER THINGS, and just finished ALTERED CARBON, which was pretty bad-ass.

Now, they’ve landed director Duncan Jones next movie, MUTE. And with this return to sci-fi, it’s accompanied by a hand painted poster, and I LOVE IT. First painted marketing materials for STRANGER THINGS, the there was THE BABYSITTER, now this beautiful noir-style poster…

Jones recently tweeted the poster over his Twitter account:


The art of the movie poster has definitely been a lost art, rather than hiring artists like Drew Struzan, Studios seem to opt for a Photoshop piece. And I get that, but there’s definitely something to be said for a beautiful illustrated poster to get me excited about a movie. And I love the fact, even though it’s streaming, that they’re working to put that magic into the marketing.

Honestly, if Netflix’s original content efforts not only include the quality in programming, but packaging it with original art? Please go further into debt! Thanks!