TNT Has Made a Full Season Order of ‘Snowpiercer’

Last year we heard that a TV series was being developed based on Joon-Ho Bong’s fantastic film, SNOWPIERCER. Back then, no real details were available about the plot or cast for the series. But for me?  I was a little confused as how this would work.

Immediately my brain went to a continuation or build up of the movie? Whether it was a follow-up after the crash, or a series that led up to the evacuation on the train, or even carving out a narrative on the train before the rebellion that happened in the movie… but either scenario I could think just ended up being a very finite idea. And I couldn’t imagine how they would build a lasting series from it.

Well, looks like we got a little light on that topic from SyFy Wire.

It sounds like they’re taking the concept of SNOWPIERCER and reimagining for TV. Which makes sense, I can only assume it’ll a similar development like LETHAL WEAPON. Same characters, same world, same initial background narrative, but none of the story elements beyond that.

Does that make sense?

Jennifer Connelly is set to star in the TV incarnation, and plays a First Class passenger on board the train who serves as its Voice, which makes PA announcements throughout the day to all inhabitants. With Connelly, we will have Daveed Diggs who is set to play the more familiar hero of the story, a prisoner caught up in a class revolution brewing in the train’s tail-end cars.

So for all intent and purposes, it sounds like the show will essentially be a reimagining of the movie. Which, I still have some reservations about, mainly because I enjoyed the movie so much. But it sounds like Joon-Ho Bong will be on board the show as a producer, so here’s hoping, at the very least, some of the tone of the movie will remain intact.

But despite my reservations, it’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out. It could potentially have almost a LOST vibe to it, and I mean LOST in the first 3 seasons, not when it got stupid after that. I mean, those of you who’ve seen the movie (which I recommend a watch if you haven’t) probably have a sense how this might play out in the first chunk of the series. But it’ll be interesting to see, if they keep to the plot of the movie, and depending on the success/length of the show, how they might explore the world after the crash.

Who knows. But I’ll definitely check in, at least for the pilot.

Currently no announcement for a premiere date has been made.

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Source: SyFy Wire