DCEU Restructuring After ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Performance

Variety is reporting that a major restructuring is planning to happen over at the DC films arm at Warner Brothers. This being in response to the poor performance of JUSTICE LEAGUE in theatres. If my count is right, this is the second time this has happened, the first being the widely panned reception to BATMAN V. SUPERMAN.

The article talks about how Jon Berg, the guy who runs the DC movies, will be stepping down. Other rumors include, rather than the DC films division being it’s own separate arm at Warner Bros., they’ll bring it under the WB banner. From there there are a number of other reorganization things that are expected to happen like, Zack Snyder is expected NOT to direct another DC movie (which I’m personally stoked about).

You can read the Variety’s article in it’s entirety here.

But listen Warner Brothers… and I have NO illusion that anyone of note from WB reads this blog, but even still… listen here Warner Brothers… PLEASE take note what your fans and trade media has been saying for YEARS!

  • We understand you were playing catch-up to Marvel after their success with AVENGERS. STOP THAT! BUILD your characters.
  • Take note of your TV arm, specifically the Arrowverse. They’re doing a lot of things right. Especially after the recent crossover, CRISIS ON EARTH-X. Among other things, we know and care about the characters! Rather than only having a cameo of characters on a LexCorp directory.

I could go on and on, but basically, PLAN a throughline through individual hero movies. In those individual hero movies, introduce and make us care about the character, like you did with WONDER WOMAN, and BUILD to your event movie like JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Sure you might call that the MARVEL formula. Even if you stick to that, hey it works. But I would offer, given the source material, I would say it’s the COMIC FORMULA! You get to know the characters in their standalone titles, and then once a year, or once every two years there’s a big event crossover. And most likely seed are being laid in the standalone titles hinting, and building to that event.

Warner Brothers, let’s get back to the roots.  Say it with me, “PLAN, BUILD, then EVENT!”

Thank you.

Source: Variety