A little late to the game with this, but MARVEL STUDIOS has released the first trailer to it’s upcoming BLACK PANTHER movie. And if you haven’t seen it, holy shit, it look pretty bad ass.

Check it out below!

Like I said, BAD ASS! Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from the BLACK PANTHER movie, but this trailer has me hyped! I’m vaguely familiar with the Black Panther comics, specifically the character in the books. Really nothing more then at some point T’Challa marries X-Men’s Storm. But man, if this trailer is any indication, if the movie lives up to it, I’ll definitely dive into the comics for sure!

But yea, the trailer, looks like we’re getting a battle for the crown of Wakanda. An old, tried & true plot when it comes to movies involving a kingdom. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Though one thing I loved about this trailer was glimpses of Wakanda itself. We got a taste of it’s future tech in the post-credits for CIVIL WAR, but seeing a little more of it? Love it! It’s like some kind of tribal futurtopia. Obviously a result of Wakandans learning more and more, and making use of, the vibranium in the area. But man, I do love mash-ups. Haha.

Safe to say I’m stoked for this release. I hope you are too!

BLACK PANTHER opens 2/16/18.