Meet Your New HELLBOY!

Yea, this is old news, BUT if you haven’t seen it, check out your new HELLBOY below!

I have to say, seeing David Harbour in full Hellboy make-up is pretty bad-ass. Maybe even a little moreso then Ron Pearlman’s incarnation of the character.

And there seems to be some subtle differences too. First Harbour’s Hellboy seems more creature-esque/hard-core? And that is coming from the look of the hair. In the comics and the first two films, Hellboy had a very neat cut, almost “samurai-esque”. But here, Hellboy definitely has a vibe that he doesn’t give a fuck.

Also, as other sites have mentioned, the Right Hand of Doom, looks more metallic than stone? It’ll be interesting to see if that plays a role in the movie’s plot.

But what do you guys think of your new Hellboy?

HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN is expected sometime in 2018.