Daniel Craig to Return as Bond, One Last Time…

For years now, since 2015’s SPECTRE, it was unknown if Daniel Craig would return as the double “O” secret agent. Especially after he was famously quoted saying he’d rather slit his wrists before returning to the role.

But looks like that outlook might’ve changed.

io9 reported that in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Craig more or less confirmed he’ll be back as the character. At the very least, for one more outing. But apparently, according the io9 report, seemed a little ambiguous at best, adding that Craig expressed a desire to “…figure things out.”

But the long short of it being, Daniel Craig will be back as 007 one last time, if anything, to go out on a high note.

Though admittingly, I find all of this rather funny. I mean, I am a BIG fan of Daniel Craig. Even a bigger fan of him as Bond. And though I have no doubt that filming a movie, like one in the 007 franchise, can be both physically and emotionally draining, unlike an experience I will ever know. But this is presumably the actor’s chosen field of work. And, really, can anyone really remember a box-office success he’s had in recent years outside of 007?

Personally I would ride that wave until I got too old to play it. Especially after MGM was pretty much ready to back up Brinks trucks to the actor’s home to secure him for future film installments. Every career has hardships. But like any career, there’s something to be said about building your brand equity to ensure longevity.

But that’s just me.

Regardless of it all. I am glad I will get my favorite Bond for, at least, one more movie. And I can’t wait. But MGM, if I can’t start the suggestions for your next Bond a little early, wouldn’t mind seeing Idris Elba or Kate Beckinsale in the role… just putting that out there.

The next James Bond, and the last with Daniel Craig, movie will open November 8, 2019.

Source: io9