Well, whether you’ve been looking forward to it or not, Marvel’s THE DEFENDERS hit Netflix yesterday. Been keeping away from what other reviewers have been saying. But, like mentioned, the whole looking forward to this or not, cause I know the Marvel/Netflix shows, as a whole, have been met with mixed reviews.

But personally? I’ve loved every installment. And THE DEFENDERS has been no exception to that. 

It’s hard for me to describe the new show without giving away too many spoilers. But if you’ve been a fan of the Marvel shows on Netflix, as THE DEFENDERS opens we see where all our favorite heroes have been doing since the season finales of their respective shows. Which, of course, makes sense. But aren’t you glad you don’t have to find out what happened with them until their individual next seasons hit!

And yes, Claire and Luke finally got that “coffee”.

But after a little catch up with the heroes? It’s a slow build to the big bad, spear-headed by  Alexandra Reid (Sigourney Weaver), and from there? Shit hits the fan on an all out action packed ride!

Admittingly there was not as much character development as I would’ve liked. But I completely realize that’s hard to do when you’re bringing almost the entire casts over 4 shows together. Given that challenge, they definitely did a great job finding that balance.

But for me, the heart of this show was definitely the interaction, quips and banter between the lead characters. Definitely so much fun. After that? Definitely all the kicking ass! Which, given the comments of a slow pace to a lot of the individual shows, which might be what the Marvel Netflix shows needed. A quick burst of energy to keep a fast pace.

And having doe-eyed, naive Danny Rand doing more fighting than talking, all you haters of IRON FIST, well you might actually like him here. Haha.

I know this review has been a little generic as a whole. And that was intentional, I didn’t want to risk any major spoilers. But if you’re all caught up on your Marvel/Netflix shows, THE DEFENDERS is definitely gonna be a fun ride for you.

OH! And in true Marvel fashion, at the end of the season, don’t stop watching. There’s a little surprise for you at the credits.

BUT if you need to know if I had any negative criticisms for the show? Well… if I had to pick? Luke Cage doesn’t drop a single “Sweet Christmas” in the show. Haha.

THE DEFENDERS is now streaming on Netflix.