‘INHUMANS’ Off to a Rough Start…

I don’t know, for me, when a movie gets bumped from the calendar, and gets retooled for TV is never a good sign for an IP. And it seems like that is ringing true for Marvel’s INHUMANS, who has followed that path. Which is unfortunate. Though not a hardcore fan of the comic book, I’d like to think I was fan enough to see how it translated to the big screen. And admittingly a little heartbroken when it was decided to would be on TV instead. Mainly because the Marvel shows on ABC never really did it for me.

Things for me just got worse from there when the first trailer was released. Not only, gleaning from the trailer, it looked horribly made. I was really bummed that 1) Black Blot TALKED (those of you who don’t know, his voice is so powerful, he never speaks), and 2) Black Blot didn’t wear a mask in the show as his comic counterpart does.

Those may be superficial criticisms… but between Black Blot’s changes and the shitty trailer, it’s almost enough for me to not really care about this show.

Not that I’m a huge influence on this, but it seems like I’m not the only one who might feel this way, as the show’s recent TCA press tour was met with a luke warm response.

io9 is reporting that reception to the show was mixed. From a negative response to the pilot, to comments that the cast and crew didn’t know how to handle their panel to push the show.

Read io9‘s comments here.

Safe to say I won’t be tuning into the show. What about you?

Source: io9